Pro Coach Academy

Where Personal Training Meets Humanity

Pro Coach Academy

Where Personal Training Meets Humanity

Taking the guesswork out of going from the certification to the real world, with YOU in mind.

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It’s time to learn in a way that supports you, so you can confidently support your clients.

Who it's For

Are you a Personal Trainer who got your certification and found yourself asking, “Wait, that’s it? What now?”

You feel under prepared and under qualified as you enter into the real world to work with real people, and it’s left you constantly questioning and second guessing yourself.

It’s like you have a lot of pieces to the puzzle, but aren’t sure how those pieces fit together to create the bigger picture. Sound like you?

What if you could approach clients with confidence and vision to clearly help them get where they want to go, without the constant self-doubt and uncertainty?

I get it. You don’t need more letters after your name- You need implementation in a way that supports you, the human.

You were taught that if you have the “right” certification, then you will be a confident coach with all the tools to build your business. But what good is all this education and info if you aren’t sure what to DO with it, in a way that makes sense for you?

Which is why you feel so overwhelmed navigating this crazy industry, trying to do what you were told to but still feel like it’s never enough.

What if coaching with confidence moved beyond processes, systems and credentials, but also feeling like yourself in all you do? What if it meant trusting you knew the next step, and ready to pivot when you don’t?

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What is Pro Coach Academy?

Where your certification left frustrating holes, Pro Coach Academy is a 16 week online mentorship that bridges the gap from the book to the real world. We use both interactive learning methods and 1:1 coaching support to help you strengthen and refine your approach, with guidance as you implement what you learn.  

We believe Personal Training goes beyond the books, and success here goes beyond perfect systems and processes. We help you establish a confident and secure foundation, learning to take a whole human approach, so your coaching is not limited by the circumstances you learned inside of a book, but by the humanity in front of you AND inside of you.

PCA is for you if you feel:

Jipped and disappointed in the lack of application from your cert.

Frustrated that there’s been no support once you got in the industry.

Like you constantly have to wing it, with no confident rhyme or reason.

Aren’t sure who to ask questions to and who to trust for guidance.

Constantly stuck in this comparison trap and like you’re always behind everyone else.

Vulnerable in showing up because you aren’t confident in what you do.

Confused by all the info out there, struggling with how to implement what you actually need and why.

Unsure of yourself, your processes and systems to create results for others.

Tongue tied when you have to explain to others what you do and how you can help.

You'll graduate PCA knowing...

How to confidently and effectively communicate to clients who you are, what you do and how you help without feeling slimy and awkward, to both obtain and retain clients.

Write progressive programs, competently perform movement assessments, customize exercises, and individually coach and cue your clients so you can truly meet them where they are with confidence and immense value.

Know how all of those pieces fit together to create specific outcomes, no matter who walks in your door. See the bigger picture and be clear in how all the moving parts work together.

Better understand yourself as a coach, create confidence and trust within yourself, and leverage who you are to build a business you love and that aligns with *you*.

Build a foundation you can stand firm in as a coach that will help you navigate as you continue to learn, grow and add.

"Since PCA, my life has changed endlessly for the better. I was drawn to them because of their authenticity, and I stuck around because they only OVER deliver. Always making my goals a priority and teaching me immediately applicable skills to help me be the best trainer I could possibly be."

Tommy P.

“In today’s world there are 751 “Personal Trainers” everywhere you look. PCA gave me the tools, and taught me how to apply them to help me build a successful fitness business! Not what the world wants/or is “expected” on social media. PCA is completely personalized to what you want and need to get out of the program. You truly get what you’re paying for!”

Laremi A.

“PCA took my plan B personal training career and turned it into my plan A, and the only path I truly see myself going down. Going through this course and spending time with both McKenzie and Jordan has been more rewarding that I ever could have imagined. They are the mentors I knew I needed but never had.”

Amy K.

PCA IS LIFE CHANGING! I don’t know where I would be if I hadn’t had the guidance from McKenzie and Jordan. It’s different because it focuses on both a business and sales side, as well as movement! Everything was about how they could help ME specifically and it was so refreshing. I feel so much more confident in my business as a trainer as well as the information that I am teaching my clients. To be 100% honest, I’m not sure I would still be pursuing personal training without the guidance and reassurance I have received form PCA.”

Alex D.

I didn't even realize how much of a void I had until I started PCA! It was like I had all of the tools and information from NASM, but PCA was the compass and the map to effectively deliver everything. Gone are the days that I spend more time questioning my programming! THANK YOU is not enough for what PCA has done for me and our business!

Casi D.

Fast forward to 16 weeks later and sometimes I don’t even recognize myself when I’m coaching. I am truly much more of a confident person both as a coach and just as a human. I don’t know where I would be right now if I had decided not to enroll!!

Kailey Z


What Will I Be Learning?

Module 1

Business and Sales


Marketing, Prospecting, and Selling

Personal Brand Identity

Ideal Client, Offer Spectrum & Pricing

Module 2



Squat, Hinge, Push, Pull & Carry

Assessments, movement pattern mistakes and corrections, addressing common imbalances

Exercise Selection, Coaching & Cueing, and more

Module 3

Program Design


Understanding the fundamentals in training phases and their adaptations

Proper Progressions Over Time

Periodization Concepts for Each Individual Client/Athlete


Full Breakdown of Modules

How it Works

Whats included:

16 Weeks Total

3 Progressive Modules

1x Weekly Video Training

1x Bi-Weekly Coaching Call

E-books and Worksheets That Go Along With The Modules

Bonus Trainings for Additional Support

Community Support

If you're ready to move towards trusting yourself + your process, PCA is for you!

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The investment depends on the support you need, and there are a couple different options and levels here. Once we receive your application we will be able to get a better idea of what you might need, and then chat with you individually to find the best fit for you.

“I didn’t know how much I needed them. I can honestly say whole-heartedly after going through Pro Coach ACademy I have never felt more confident in myself as a coach, as an expert, and therefore more confident in my business and the future of my business. I cannot say enough good things about working with Mckenzie and Jordan. ”

Meghan D.

“PCA has taught me how to work with training clients more than any of my certifications/conferences/in-person day trainings EVER have. This certification should be on EVERY trainer's list before working with clients.”

Carleeh M.

“Pro Coach Academy is the best!! Helped me in so many ways but mostly with my confidence. Before PCA I was constantly worried that I wasn’t good enough, didn’t have the amount of knowledge I needed and had a hard time making sales. Through the video trainings, worksheets and 1:1 calls, that was changed! PCA guided me to all that I was once missing.”

Sam W.

"When I found McKenzie and Pro Coach Academy I was LOST in my business. Through working with her, I’m now thriving in my business and my capabilities. PCA was the BEST decision I have ever made”

Elise H.

I'm not meant to follow anyone else's path. None of us are. But I have seen and felt how big of a difference it makes to have people like McKenzie and Jordan in your corner, holding a mirror up to the best parts of you so you can grow, without feeling like you're being suffocated.

Molly V.

Hi, friend!
We're the Kidmans

We’ve been in the Personal Training industry for nearly a decade. With an accumulation of different educational qualifications ranging from a BS, a 600 hour Pt licensure, different certifications, workshops, and internships we still entered the industry feeling overwhelmed and lost. Like ‘Hi, what now??’ We didn’t have a lot of guidance on what comes next, so we were left to figure it out on our own. From there we continued to build and gain experience in many different coaching and educational environments to develop a strong and valuable coaching career that we felt confident in.
Throughout that journey, the more we added and grew the more we realized how there were many foundational concepts we didn’t learn even until years in; concepts that would have spring boarded us forward in so many ways. Feeling frustrated with the giant gaps in education with zero support in the real world, we felt called to create something for Personal Trainers that would ease that transition. Something that would give them the supportive implementation that we wish we would have had from the very beginning-
And we call it Pro Coach Academy. We work with coaches all over the world as the individuals they are, where coaching concepts meet the actual human inside of them and in front of them. We take the guesswork out of establishing and growing a Personal Training business so coaches can feel confident and excited about their work, establish trust within themselves and their processes, all without having to figure it out alone.

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