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The ProCoach Academy is a 12-week program designed exclusively for coaches and consultants who want to build thriving full-time businesses. Through ProCoach’s unique step-by-step client-attraction system, you’ll learn the specific marketing, sales, and communication techniques necessary to reach more people, make more money, and massively increase your client base.

You thought it would be easier to get clients, right?

From the desk of: Laurel Staples, Founder of ProCoach Academy

You originally became a coach because you wanted to coach people. You wanted to help make a true difference in people’s lives. You wanted to use your gifts, talents, and training to make a great living for yourself. BUT…

You quickly realize that you’re spending all your time TRYING TO LAND NEW CLIENTS and very little of your time actually doing what you love…COACHING. It feels like an uphill battle just to regularly get new prospects to notice you, not to mention pay for your services. Not just that, you’re overwhelmed. There are so many things you have to do to grow your business…how do you know what to focus on week after week?

If you don’t have enough clients right now, there’s a reason…

Thousands of coacheslife coaches, health coaches, relationship coaches, career coaches, etc.graduate every year from coaching schools across the world, but very few of them are able to make a full-time living from coaching. Why not? Coaching is an extremely valuable service, a booming industry, and there’s a HUGE demand for great coaches. So why do most trained coaches end up failing within 1 year of launching their businesses?

Well, it’s not because you lack passion or talent—it’s because you’ve never been provided the right marketing and sales tools to convey the value of your coaching services so you can consistently (and easily) bring in a steady stream of clients.

This means you’re always hearing more “NO’s” than “YES’s” from your prospects, you’re marketing efforts aren’t paying off like you want them to, and you’re left spinning your wheels. And you know that if you can’t figure out how to regularly get new clients, then you can’t fulfill your deep desire for helping people.

So let me ask you a question…

Does this describe you?

  • You’re overwhelmed with developing an effective marketing plan to sell your coaching services
  • You don’t know which marketing activities to focus your attention on that will pay off in a major way
  • You want to spend more time coaching and less time worrying about landing clients
  • You’re currently hearing more “NO’s” than “YES’s” from your prospects (even when they’re a perfect match for your services)
  • You’re stuck wondering if you’ll ever be able to make enough money as a coach
  • You’re ready to have a steady stream of clients flowing into your business so you can finally start coaching full time


The truth is, you’re not alone

Over the years, I’ve witnessed countless talented coaches struggle to get clients. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Landing clients doesn’t have to be a difficult or painful process. When done right, it’s actually enjoyable, fun, and leaves you feeling empowered instead of overwhelmed or burnt out. Just ask our alumni!

That’s what we do here at ProCoachhelp you land more clients, make more money, and fulfill your desire to make the world a better place. And to get started growing your coaching business, download a free copy of the Go Pro Client Attraction Tool

Streamline your marketing and start landing more clients today!

If you’re ready to supersize your coaching business, you’re going to need the right tools. That’s procoach-ebook-graphicwhere ProCoach comes in. To get you started, I’ve created the GO PRO CLIENT ATTRACTION TOOL. The GO PRO Tool is your ticket to getting more clients & making more money easily and consistently. YOU’LL LEARN:

  1. The #1 Marketing Strategy that will skyrocket your income (it might surprise you!)
  2. How to consistently land new clients every month … while working half as many hours
  3. The proven 3-step system for magnetizing clients to you
  4. The secret to attaining more freedom in your business (it’s so simple, you might not believe it)

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What people are saying…

Thank you so much for creating the GO PRO tool and making it available for free. Wow, what a great tool! I wish I had done the exercises sooner. It was a serious reality check. I have been in guerrilla warfare marketing mode for months. Bombs everywhere that never hit their actual target. It has exhausted me, stressed me out, and lowered my confidence because I felt like such a marketing loser. It would have saved me a lot of wasted time and energy to have a more structured and focused marketing calendar and strategy in place like you provide here. Thank you!!” —Jennifer Schmid, founder of Oasis Wellness

“With Laurel’s help, I was able to shift into a mindset of becoming a real “magnet” for my clients that creates real results! She guided me through practical steps for creating a thriving business with ease and authenticity.” —Anne Crook, founder of Integrative Radiance

Laurel helped me define and go through a thoughtful process that matched my mindset of how I make decisions to evaluate each opportunity, talk to potential clients, and get down to that one idea to focus on. Since focusing on one idea I’ve grown from a handful of customers to over 100 in a matter of a few short months.” —Dan Marques