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Learn how to boost your authority as a coach and become the go-to EXPERT in your niche in no time.


Get laser-focused by eliminating distractions & overwhelm and focusing on what WORKS to grow your business.


Discover how to have the lifestyle, income & freedom you desire by building a profitable business.

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The ProCoach Academy is a 12-week program designed exclusively for coaches who want to create enjoyable, money-making businesses. Through ProCoach’s proprietary client attraction system, you’ll learn the best marketing, sales, and communication techniques necessary to reach more people, make more money, and massively increase your client base!



Learn how to get a steady stream of clients coming into your coaching business in a way that’s authentic, fun, and effective.

The average coach makes less than $29,000
per year.

That’s a depressing statistic. You can barely buy groceries with that income after paying your expenses! Yet, it’s the truth. Even after spending thousands of dollars to become trained and certified, there are very few coaches who are making a full-time living from coaching.
What’s the real problem? Coaching is a booming industry and there’s a HUGE demand for great coaches. So why do most trained coaches end up scraping by (or worse—never getting their businesses started)?
If you don’t currently have the clients or income you desire, it’s not because you lack passion, talent, or even motivation—you probably have those in spades. It’s because you don’t have a proper client attraction system in place. That’s where we can help!
At ProCoach, you learn how to land more clients, make more money, and fulfill your desire to help people while doing what you love. Using our proprietary client attraction system, you’ll discovered how to make building a profitable coaching business an enjoyable, straightforward process that leaves you feeling empowered instead of overwhelmed or burnt out. Just ask our alumni!

Does this describe you?

  • You’re currently making less than $29k per year in your coaching business
  • You love coaching, but getting new clients feels like an uphill battle
  • You’re overwhelmed (or completely stalled) with everything it takes to market and sell your coaching services
  • What you’ve tried so far to market your business hasn’t paid off like you want
  • You struggle to convey the value of your coaching so that clients are happy to pay you
  • You want to spend more time coaching and less time worrying about landing clients

If so, you’re in the right place and in good company!

Here’s what coaching school didn’t teach you…

They forgot the most important thing—how to attract clients and make money!
Fortunately, you can learn how to do this in 30 days or less


At ProCoach, we teach great coaches how to attract great clients.
Here’s what our coaches are saying…

We’re only in the second week of training and I’ve already landed my first two paying clients ever!”

We’re only in the second week of training and I’ve already landed my first two paying clients ever! I’m a brand new coach and I went into this program thinking that getting clients would be a complicated and difficult process, but I’m actually loving it. At this rate, I have no doubt I will have many more amazing clients and have built the foundation I need for a successful coaching business by the end of the program.”
—Michele Stans, Intuitive Coach

“I have only completed half of the first step and I have already gained 3 new clients.”

“This training gives you very doable, tangible action steps that you can do immediately. She tells you what works, what does not work as well, and what you should be doing TODAY! I have only completed half of the first step and I have gained 3 new clients. Laurel’s tips are priceless. I can’t wait to see what happens as I implement the whole plan.”
—Jean Ann Stuart, Holistic Life Coach